Mixed Media

Passing in the Night

Passing in the Night – the background in this piece is painted with watercolors and then gesso was thickly applied to create the rocks and mountain. They were highlighted with silver metallic acrylic for the reflection of moonlight. The sailing ships were created by using a particular form of canvaswork embroidery.



Bottled People

Bottled People is the result of a class I took at an Embroiderers’ Association of Canada seminar in St. John’s Nlfd and Labrador. It is padded applique. Each color was dyed in class. The design is from a book by Victoria artist Joanne Thompson. She gave me permission to use it for the class.


Fading Away and Stormwatching at Race Rocks are both the result of my interest in lighthouses. Coming from the Canadian Prairies, lighthouses were a part of the romance of the sea – something very far away from my experience so when I moved to the coast, I did some research about what it was like to live in a lighthouse. This gave me a very different perspective and an appreciation of the role of lighthouse keepers. Fading Away is the result of learning how many of the lighthouses are being replaced by technology and are no longer staffed by keepers. Life can also be very dangerous in a lighthouse and I have tried to capture this with Stormwatching at Race Rocks. The Race Rocks lighthouse can be seen on a clear day from Victoria.

The background of Fading Away is cotton muslin texturized with gesso, tissue paper, netting, and acrylic gels, beads and a shell. I have also added several sailor’s knots. This was all painted with gold, copper, and green metallic acrylic paint. The lighthouse is a digital image printed on pearlescent tissue paper and appliquéd.




Stormwatching at Race Rocks is painted congress cloth with canvaswork stitching using silk threads.  The base rocks are a mixture of machine embroidery and melted and painted tyvek.






Metamorphosis  consists of two digital images cut into strips and woven back together. They are mounted on felt and then machine stitched with decorative stitches. The background is cotton rubbed with gold and copper metallic shiva oil sticks over a patterned template. The focal point is some burnished copper and brass metal shim with a raku button.




The background of The Swan is cardstock, painted with metallic paints, cut into strips and woven together. The swan is needle lace and I have added some stones and feathers to give the impression of a pond.




Enigma is a mixture of melted, burned, and layered fabrics. An underlying  layer is painted. Underneath the top layer of organza is melted tyvek. The organza has been burned in random areas, hand stitched with filament and beads and topped with burnished copper and a raku button.





Road to Ruffles was pure fun to stitch. It was an exploration of different ways of couching rows of upholstery and drapery cloth to a background using a variety of embroidery stitches and beads. This was then attached to a background fabric of black velvet enhanced with a pattern using a template and rubbing over it with copper metallic shiva oil sticks.





Sunset on Northumberland Strait was part of a group project that we entered for the theme section of the exhibit at the Embroiderers Association of Canada Seminar held in New Brunswick. The group chose a winter picture of Confederation Bridge at sunset with the sea covered in broken ice that we each interpreted in our own way and this is my abstract interpretation.  The background fabric is hand dyed cotton. I have added some melted and painted tyvek, beads, and hand stitching.


Land of Beyond is inspired by a poem of the same name by Robert Service.  It is also the result of a very interesting class I took on the history, production, and the many different weaves, colors, and textures, of silk. The background is hand made paper. I have mounted a raised circle of silk satin appliquéd with silk fabric to create islands.  There are 3 needlewoven inuksuit, each of a different form, each having their own meaning to the Inuit of Northern Canada.


Out of Darkness into the Light; The Feminine Resurfaces was inspired by a CBC radio documentary “The New Revolutionaries”. It reports on one aspect of how The Feminine is re-establishing its complementary role and restoring balance to human societies. I have painted and melted circles of lutradur and then attached needle lace figures, all on a background of shot dupioni silk. Below are 2 closeup views.