Classes I Have Taught

The following images are from classes I have taught at the Embroiderers’ Guild of Victoria. Every Spring, the Guild has a day of simple classes in a variety of techniques to give members a chance to try out a new technique without investing a lot of time or money.

Teneriffe Lace – A technique that has its origins in Spain but travelled to parts of Central and South America, where for a time, the “sols”, as they are known, blossomed into ever more complex patterns. These are the 2 simplest ones. they are about 2″ in diameter.







Explorations – This class was to encourage people to explore their creativity and use any embroidery technique and/or any type of materials they could possibly think of to use. The sample here is merely my own and was not copied by the class members





Huck Weaving – This is a very simple technique most often used to decorate linens. It is stitched on a special cloth woven for the technique and a great many interesting patterns can be made depending on the size of the project. Here it is a little needle case with 2 colorways shown.







Hearts in the City – The theme of the day for this project was hearts. This is a small sampler of pulled thread. It has 3 different patterns but also incorporates satin stitch, eyelets, and Scotch stitch on a linen base.



Band and Bead Blues – This sampler was to show how to use embroidery stitches as couching. Several different thicknesses of string or ropes were laid on the background and then couched. The background is a blue cotton cloth overlaid with an ombre striped organza that was “hairy”





Temari – These balls have a very ancient history going back 1000 years in Japan. The core is a styrofoam ball ( a modern way) covered in thread, and then a pattern is stitched on the surface. In the photo, there are several patterns but the one taught in the class is pictured on the upper left side with a black thread base.




Just for fun, I also made a necklace from tiny temari balls.